Medical University of Bialystok. Dean’s Office.
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    Dean’s Office


    Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences and Dean of the College of Health Sciences - Professor Sławomir J. Terlikowski MD, PhD

    • Vice-Dean for Evaluation and Science - Professor Elżbieta Krajewska-Kułak MD, PhD
    • Vice-Dean for Evaluation and Science - Professor Bożena Dobrzycka MD, PhD
    • Vice-Dean for Student Affairs - Professor Ludmiła Marcinowicz MD, PhD
    • Vice-Dean for Development - Professor Halina Car MD, PhD
    • Vice-Dean for Quality of Education and Study Programmes - Assoc. Professor Mateusz Cybulski​, PhD


    Katarzyna Sochoń

    Telephone: + 48 85 748 55 11

    Head of the Dean’s Office

    • organization and supervision of the Office work

    Emilia Górska

    Office manager

    Telephone: + 48 85 686 50 04


    • conferring academic degrees and titles of doktor habilitowany and profesor
    • recognition of foreign diplomas
    • Minutes of Faculty Council meetings
    • Handling recruitment for teacher and researcher position