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    About the University


    The MUB Academic Senate.The Medical University of Bialystok is a modern, rapidly growing public university, with a mission to provide the best possible education for professional, responsible, leading-edge medical staff; to carry out scientific research at the most advanced level worldwide; to implement innovative solutions in cooperation with medical service providers; and to respond to social needs.

    Our University is continuously investing in the professional growth of our research and teaching staff. Researchers travel worldwide with numerous scholarships, internships, programs and study visits to the best research and teaching centres. The group of international researchers working in partnership with our University is larger every year. They represent global research and development centres famous for their proactive growth. Their activity contributes to the academic achievements of the University staff.

    142 full professors and 166 associate professors in a group of nearly 950 academic teachers represent one of the highest proportions of all universities in Poland. Staff employed at the Medical University of Bialystok are experts in their respective fields of science, members of science committees, journal editors, with many of them holding the positions of national and regional consultants. The School’s dynamic and creative staff are also a huge asset for the process of obtaining external funding from science and EU funds, and in the commercialization of research.

    The Medical University of Bialystok is a precursor and leader of pioneering work on artificial intelligence in medicine, and a contributor to large-scale research on genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, radiomics and bioinformatics. The first Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine in this part of Europe was opened at MUB. Its role is to collect and analyse complex, superior data sets concerning patients suffering from lifestyle diseases. The University is running a population-based study, singular in this part of Europe, covering 10,000 inhabitants of Bialystok (the Bialystok Plus Study). Unique research programs are pending in the field of personalized medicine and lifestyle diseases. One of these projects builds a reference model of biobanking and a service supporting diagnostics and treatment of early stages of non-small cell lung cancer. In the course of implementing the projects, we built a database, remarkable in the European perspective, containing the results of whole genome sequencing for several hundred patients with oncological diseases (such as lung cancer, ovarian cancer) and other lifestyle diseases (such as diabetes, obesity). The University pioneers in the field of advanced banking of biological material from patients with lifestyle diseases. The collected data are fed to the Polish HD Medicine Database, designed as a source of in-depth understanding of the mechanisms of such diseases as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases and more, and as groundwork for development of new therapeutic applications. The Medical University of Bialystok is working on the launch of certain research and development projects implemented in partnership with other research organizations.

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    MUB students with MUB Rector in teh Library.

    The university has an ultra-modern research and teaching base, with a state-of-the-art Teaching Hospital, the Euroregional Pharmacy Centre, Faculty of Health Sciences Didactic-Scientific Centre, the Clinical Research Centre, the Experimental Medicine Centre, the Innovation Research Centre, the Centre for Bioinformatics and Data Analysis, Molecular Imaging Laboratory and Centre for Medical Simulation.

    The confirmation of the significant position of the University are the scientific categories awarded by the Ministry of Education and Science (in the evaluation of scientific activity for 2017-2021): the highest possible A+ category in the discipline of pharmaceutical sciences and category A in the disciplines: medical sciences and health sciences. This result is one of the best among all Polish universities. Moreover MUB was the only university in Poland to be awarded COFUND, a prestigious grant for the doctoral study programme offered, as part of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Program within the Framework Program of the European Commission - Horizon 2020.

    At the moment the University has around 5800 students in 16 medical fields, of whom over 450 persons study at the English Division. Foreign students come to study here from all over the world, including such countries as Norway, Sweden, USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, Saudi Arabia, just to name a few.

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    What MUB offers in particular: Medical Analytics, Biostatistics, Dietetics, Electroradiology, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Cosmetology, Medicine, Dentistry, Speech Therapy with Phonoaudiology, Nursing, Midwifery, Emergency Medicine, Dental Technology, Dental Hygiene and Public Health&Epidemiology, as well as doctoral and postgraduate programmes. The University graduates are well prepared to work with patients, attending to them and their wellbeing, respecting universal ethical principles; however, they are also qualified for a career in research, exploring the mysteries of science which can be thereafter put to practice.

    There are study clubs and student organizations at the University, where students engage in clinical trials, learn certain practical skills, take part in scientific conferences, and pursue their academic interests.

    The Medical University of Bialystok is open to cooperation with businesses in various industry sectors. A lot of inventions developed by MUB researchers are patent protected and have been commercialized. The latest of these include: a Medical Honey product based on propolis extract, delaying the development of brain glioblastoma; a preparation licensed by MUB to strengthen bees from LOB; artificial saliva; work on extract from a Bialowieza Forest fungus that fights colon cancer.

    The old picture of Branicki Gardens, XVIII age.The University is headquartered in an eighteenth-century Baroque palace called the Versailles of the North, located in the city centre. There is the University campus, school buildings, two teaching hospitals, student dormitories and sports facilities nearby.

    The Medical University of Bialystok has been recognized for years in all nationwide ranking lists as the best academic institution in this region of Poland.