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    University Library

    Studying at the Medical University of Bialystok is supported by a modern and very well equipped University Library. It is the largest scientific-medical library in the Podlasie region. It was established in 1950 along with the University.

    The Library provides various services and training, and also functions as a medical science information center. Its resources are mainly used by students, postgraduates, research and academic staff, as well as, health professionals from the region and scientific institutions from outside the region.

     Currently, the Library’s collection consists of nearly 130 000 books, over 50 000 journals and 8 000 inventory units from special collections. Apart from the printed resources, the Library provides access to many bibliographic and full text databases, including 15 000 electronic journals. The academic staff and students use the e-sources not only via the academic network, but also from their computers at home, which allows for 24h access to scientific literature. Detailed information about the library's resources is available in electronic catalogues. The Library users can remotely reserve titles to rent and also monitor their account status via the ALEPH remote library system.

    Printed, as well as digital resources, are available for use in two stylish reading rooms, equipped with computers and wireless Internet connection.

     Apart from its fundamental services, the Library organizes lectures promoting healthy lifestyle and also presents paintings by Polish artists working, both, in the country and abroad, within the exhibition series called Art in the Library.

    More about Univesity Library: http://ed.biblioteka.umb.edu.pl/