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    Important information for students in connection with the announcement of an epidemic emergency

    19.03.2020 09:23
    Autor: Administrator UMB


    1. Didactic classes are suspended until further notice.

    2 The scientific activity of students has been suspended until further notice.

    3. The examinations, tests or credits provided for students suspended until further notice.

    4. Students and PhD students should be in constant contact with academic teachers in order to determine another form of these classes.

    5. All lectures and seminars, until further notice, will be made available sequentially, only in electronic form (it is not recommended to collect materials directly from the Departments)

        5.1 students are required to participate in all classes, lectures and seminars provided in electronic form for the given field and year of study.

    6. All internal and external conferences, events and events organized by the University are canceled.

    7. The activity of the Magazines and Books Reading Room in the Main Library of UMB is suspended. The book rental works through an electronic system.

    8. The accommodation of new guests in student dormitory is suspended, as well as the ban on visiting

        8.1 The failure to comply with the Student Dormitory Regulations may result in a sanction in the form of student eviction

        8.2 In the case of suspected SARS-CoV-2 virus infection in a student's home, it is expected to quarantine the entire student dormitory

    9. Contact with the Dean's Office / Student Affairs Department is ONLY by e-mail and telephone.

    10. The student is obliged to immediately inform the  Dean's office (e-mail, telephone) about suspected disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

    11. It is strongly advised to use e-mail in correspondence with the University's employees – in the domain student.umb.edu.pl (please contact the IT Department if you do not have access to e-mail)



    We remind you that this is not time off from classes. It is important to become familiar with the materials taught in the form of e learning