Medical University of Bialystok. Transfer requirements .
  • Updated 14.03.2023 by English Division

    Transfer requirements


    To apply for a transfer, applicants must be have a valid student status and they have to pass all the mandatory exams.
    Candidates applying for a transfer shall submit the following documents to the Medical University of Bialystok for review, not later than September 10th:

    1. application,
    2. documents certifying the current course of studies (name of the subject, number of hours, number of ECTS points, form of credit, obtained grades, information about completed professional apprenticeships),
    3. copies of syllabuses containing learning outcomes,
    4. copy of a high school graduation certificate, (the  High school diplomas from countries outside the European Union,  must be presented as a true certified copy with Apostille.)
    5. certificate of average grades from each year of study issued by the Dean's Office,
    6. documents certifying the scale of grades in force at the home university issued by the Dean's Office.
    7. in the case of foreigners applying for admission to study in Polish - a certificate confirming knowledge of Polish language at the minimum level of  B1 (candidates applying for a transfer to the medical programme of the English Division – certificate confirming knowledge of the English language at the minimum level of B1).

    Complete set of required original documents (or certified true copies) should be delivered (or sent via regular mail) to the Dean’s Office.
    Applications shall be filed from August 1st  to  September 10th at the latest.




    TRANSFER REGULATION Order No. 80/2022


    Forms and documents


    Application form:

    Health Certificate:

    Note: Portable Document Format (PDF) files require Adobe Acrobat Reader to access.