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    Rules & Regulations of the Department of Forensic Medicine for Students of the English Division 2023/2024


    1. The Rules & Regulations of the Department of Forensic Medicine are consistent with the Terms & Conditions of Studies at the Medical University of Bialystok, available from the University’s website at of full-time study at the Medical University of Bialystok&Panel=amb_tekst&dzial=4. Wewnętrzne akty prawne

    2. The course is delivered in accordance with the course schedule as approved by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine.

    3. The Forensic Medicine course is held in the Department of Forensic Medicine classrooms.

    4. Students are required to replace their outdoor footwear with special indoor footwear and to wear a white medical lab coat during the meetings (lab coats will not be provided by the School); otherwise, they will not be allowed to enter class.

    5. Bags, overcoats, outdoor jackets etc. should be left in the cloakroom.

    7. A list of recommended textbooks and atlases can be obtained from the Forensic Medicine Department.

    8. Students are not allowed in classrooms without a teacher present.

    9. Students are not allowed to leave the classroom without the teacher’s permission.

    10. Anyone other than the students shall not be allowed into class.

    11. Students shall follow all the applicable health, safety and fire protection regulations, which will be communicated to them before the commencement of the course, and each student shall sign a confirmation sheet to verify that he/she has read and understood the applicable instructions. Any incident that may occur at the Department shall be reported to the course teacher immediately.

    12. Mobile phones and audio devices must be switched off during class.

    13. Taking photographs is forbidden in class, seminar or lecture. Any violation of this rule is regarded as an infringement of the code of ethics of the student’s future profession, and will be punished in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of Full-Time Studies. Moreover, anyone caught taking photographs must delete them in the presence of the teacher.

    14. Students can use a PC or other electronic devices for taking notes during lectures or classes, but any such devices must be switched off during tests or exams.

    15. Students are responsible for their personal belongings. The Department of Forensic Medicine does not take responsibility for theft or damage.

    17. Students shall treat all the faculty and staff of the Department of Forensic Medicine with due respect and shall follow the rules of social conduct among other students.

    18. Students have to handle all teaching aids, equipment and tissue specimens derived from cadavers with a proper level of care.

    19. Eating and drinking is forbidden in classroom. Smoking is forbidden on all the Department premises.

    20. After class, each student is required to leave their workplace in order.

    21. Students are divided into training groups in accordance with the regulation of the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, who decides about the number of groups and students per group.

    23. Students should be prepared in terms of theoretical background for every session, based on the required textbooks.

    24. Students are required to be present at all the practical meetings and lectures. All absences should be excused as soon as possible. If a student is absent for health reasons, they are required to provide a medical certificate; otherwise, a certificate issued by competent authorities will be needed.

    25. Credits will not be awarded to students with unexcused absences.

    30. Students who retake the Forensic Medicine course are required to participate in all the classes, but their absence will be excused if their anatomy training is scheduled for the same days and times as the final year’s courses.

    31. No additional meetings will be held for students retaking the Forensic Medicine course.

    39. Each student is entitled to review their test and/or exam sheets after the announcement of results, at the date and time specified in that announcement. Test/exam sheets will not be made available for review at any time beyond that date.

    40. It is absolutely forbidden to take photographs of test/exam sheets, to add any notes thereto or to copy them during review.

    41. Exam sheets are stored at the Department Archive for 12 months before shredding.

    42. Copies of credit or exam sheets/papers will not be delivered to students.

    43. The final exam is scheduled in the summer examination session as a theoretical (written) test. To pass the exam, the student needs a passing grade for two parts of the exam.

    44. Any final exam retake (in writing) shall be agreed with the Head of the Department.

    45. Final exam details will be presented in the Regulations for the Final Exam.


    Coordinator: Michał Szeremeta, PhD, Dsc.