• Updated 18.01.2017 by English Division


    1.      When?

    The interview will take a place after the candidate will complete an online registration process and based on his/her grade evaluation by the Admission Committee, will receive a Promissory Letter of Enrollment.

    *The interview will be scheduled under the condition of submission of all required document

    *The candidate may be interviewed in person or by means of electronic communication


    2.      How to prepare?

    •         Make sure your internet connection, webcam and microphone is working well. Run a test.
    •         Do not have your camera directed to the sunlight or any other light.
    •         Get a paper and pencil ready just in case you would want write something
    •         Make sure you are in the room alone and nobody will interrupt
    •         Make sure you have your passport ready. You will be ask to present it to the camera.
    •         For identification purposes, during the interview  we may take your picture
    •         Speak clearly
    •         Keep all other electronic devices and programs off


    3.      Subject Questions:

    The questions will be chosen from the subjects indicated by student during an online registration process ( entered in step “grades”)


    ·        Chemistry sample questions

    ·        Biology sample questions

    ·        Math-Physic sample questions


    4.      Points:

    The maximum number of points achieved during the interview is 100. Each student will be evaluated based on:


    ·        English language proficiency,  motivation and predisposition of the candidate for medical studies and the medical

              profession - a maximum of 50 points.

    ·        presentation skills, in English language , of the knowledge of selected science subjects - a maximum of 50 points


    The candidates who are holders of  the polish matriculation examination certificate (after 2005) or the international IB or EB diploma holders  are exempt from the second part. Their points will be recalculated based on their final grades.