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    How to apply?

    Admission process overview:


    1. All candidates are required to SUBMIT an application via online registration system and attach scans of all documents needed. Application not submitted will not be considered.
    2. Within approximately 2 weeks, Qualification Committee will gather and evaluate applications.
    3. Candidates, which documents are positively considered, will  be given Promissory Letter of Enrollment (POE).  
    4. POE stands for conditional enrollment, and entitle to take an interview.
    5. Obligatory condition to attend an interview is to pay recruitment fee in the amount of  500 Euro (fee is non-refundable)
    6. Interview it will be scheduled within approximately 2 weeks after the fee is paid.
    7. After successful passing the interview, candidates who qualified MUST deliver all required documents - originals or true certified copies.


         Interview information

         Required documents list


    In all matters regarding admission process all candidates should contact one of the recruitment agencies or University directly.


    Scandinavian candidates:

    Medisinutdanning AS

    v/Britt Tollefsen

    Innspurten 10A

    0663 Oslo


    Mobile: 0047 9023 93 81

    e-mail: britt.tollefsen@medisinutdanning.no



    German and Spanish candidates:

    Medizin-Studium-Ausland (MSA)
    Sertürner Institut
    Ostertorwall 12
    31785 Hameln



    Telefon: +49 (0) 5151- 60 969 1354
    Telefax: +49 (0) 5151- 60 969 1358


    Donde-Estudiar-Medicina ( DEM)



    Telf: + 34 / 628 857 477


    Estudiar medicina en Europa ( EME )



    Telf: + 34 / 638 942 713


    Medizin-Studium-Ausland for candidates from Germany and Donde-Estudiar-Medicina for candidates from Spain are official representatives of Medical University of Bialystok and help students with admission process, provide career advice and offer logistical support on site (search for apartments etc.) before the start of the academic year. Moreover, they organize the admission interview for Medical University of Bialystok in Germany and Spain.


    Candidates from Ireland, Great Britain, Canada and India:

    Medical Poland

    36 Belmont Square

    Raheny, Dublin 5




    Tel.: +353 83 383 3426


    Candidates from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, UAE, Middle East, Africa and others:
    Education Poland LTD

    FLAT2 Stone Court

    11A Flint Close

    London E15 4QT

    Regional Support: offices in Poland, India, UAE and Africa.
    WhatsApp: + 48 575 116 627