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    Regulations for English Division students; 2nd year, Faculty of Medicine academic year 2017/2018


    1.These regulations are consistent with the Study Regulations of Medical University of Bialystok.

    2.The Molecular Biology course consists of lectures (5 hours) and seminars (10 hours).

    3. The presence on all classes is mandatory to get a credit.

    4. Students are obliged to attend classes with their didactic groups (list of groups will be announced before starting classes).

    4. In sporadic cases students could redo classes with other didactic group after obtaining official consent at least 1 day before planned classes.

    4. An absence on classes should be excused within a week from the last day of an absence. In every case official physician certificate (sick note) of inability to perform student activities (in case of illness) or official Dean’s note (in every other case) is required. Photocopies, faxes or electronic version of required documents are inacceptable. Not excused absence on lectures or seminars  is considered as not passed and results in no ability of getting credit.

    5. Students are obliged to have a theoretical basic knowledge on the discussed topics (based on the lectures and obligatory textbooks) prior to the seminar and to actively take part in the course (according to the Study Regulations of Medical University of Bialystok):

    1) each student (in groups of two persons) have to prepare a 15-minute presentation in PowerPoint (10-15 slides) on a particular topic from the list given at the beginning of the course;

    2) the students should answer the questions and actively participate in the discussion;

    3) short partial written tests (multiple choice and/or true/false and/or fill-in questions) may be performed at the beginning of a seminar.

    6. During every seminar  Students’ knowledge and activity is evaluated:

    1) Students’ presentations are evaluated in a scale from 2 to 6 points;

    2) for true answers on questions Students get additional points (0.5 point for an answer);

    3) Student’s activity in discussion after presentation is also assessed in points (active – 1 point; inactive – 0 points);

    4) the minimum 60% of maximum points (the amount of maximum points will be presented on a test form) is required to pass the written tests.

    7. Student has right to improve and repeat his/her presentation or retake the test in appointed time but not later than within two weeks after the first term during consultation hours.

    8.  Students have to get credit for any materials during the classes he/she was absent (in the case of excused absence) with the teacher conducting classes. It has to be done during consultation hours.

    9. To get a final credit Student has to attend all the lectures and seminars, prepare a presentation which has beeen positively evaluated (at least 3 points), gather at least 3 additional point during seminars and pass all the performed  partial tests.

    10. Before entering the lecture or classes students are obliged to change shoes. It is prohibited to smoke, drink, and eat in the classroom.

    11. During the lectures or seminars use of cell phones, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches or laptops or any other kinds of electronic devices is forbidden.

    12. The person who is responsible for the contact with the Department of Clinical Molecular Biology  is/are year prefect/s (representatives).

     If you have any considerations, please do not hesitate to contact your teaching assistant (Oksana Kowalczuk, Waszyngtona Str. 13, III floor, Departemnt of Clinical Molecular Biology, phone 85 748 59 35 and 85 748 59 22; e-mail zkbm@umb.edu.pl and okowal@poczta.onet.pl)