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    Course Name: Molecular Medicine

    Main Course Objective: Introduction into Molecular Biology and its use in Medicine and Pharmacology


    1. Molecular basis of heredity (1 hour) – brief characteristics of genome and gene organization and functioning.
    2. Genetic variation in individuals (3 hours) – mutations, their nature, origin, sorts and impact in disease development.
    3. Molecular and biochemical basis of genetic diseases (2 hours) – exemplified by hemoglobinopathies: structure and function of hemoglobin, organization of globin genes and control of their expression, main types of hemoglobinopathies and their molecular basis.
    4. Complex genetic disorders (2 hours) – the concept of genetic polymorphism, inherited polymorphisms in DNA and proteins, familial aggregation of disease, genetic mapping of complex traits- linkage analysis, disease association.
    5. Molecular basis of cancer (2 hours) – general features of cancer, oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes, mutation accumulation during cancer development, targeted therapy of cancer.
    6. Tools of molecular medicine (2 hours) – methods of nucleic acid analysis: hybridization, blotting, PCR, microarrays, sekwencing and other methods of mutation detection.
    7. Molecular  diagnostics of genetic and infectious diseases (2 hours) – looking for genes responsible for genetic disorder, gene databases, molecular genetic tests.
    8. Molecular cloning for medicine and pharmacology – molecular cloning, molecular vectors, DNA and cDNA libraries, recombinant proteins, transgenic organisms.


    Total Course Duration (in Weeks): 8 weeks

    Number of Lecture Hours: 15 hours

    Number of Lab Hours: none