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    Accommodation for students who are non-residents of Bialystok is provided in two dormitories. High quality, furnished, single rooms are available for English Division students, with high-speed internet and telephone access available for a monthly fee. Each dormitory floor also contains a spacious common area, kitchen, and laundry facilities. Additionally, several other amenities such as a recreation room, copy centres, convenience store, and tv room are available for residents. Another distinct advantage of the dormitories is their close location to picturesque Branicki park, the Philharmonic Hall, cinemas, athletic facilities, shopping centres, restaurants, pubs, and clubs all within walking distance.

    English Division Students are offered rooms at the Dormitory Nr 2 located at ul. Waszyngtona 23, 15-304 Białystok, POLAND (within 10-15 minutes walking distance from Basic Science Departments and less than 5-10 minutes from Clinical Departments).


    Dormitory No. 2, 15-304 Białystok, Waszyngtona str.23A

    Dormitory in Google map : Wyświetl większą mapę

    Responsible Personnel:

    • Msc Przemyslaw Kosieliński - senior clerk
      Phone: +48 85 748 57 55, +48 85 748 57 56
      e-mail: ds2@umb.edu.pl

    • Msc Bożena Ciborowska - manager
      Phone: +48 85 748 55 30


    Dorm Fees:

    • Segment (unit) ca 25 m2: single room with a bathroom 950 PLN (Not avaliable in 2020/2021)
    • Segment (unit) ca 40 m2: two single rooms with a shared bathroom -one room 750 PLN


    Reservation only for students with COA (Certificate of Admission)

    Download the application 2020/2021: here

    Rooms/description: here

    The number of rooms avalible at the dormitory is limited.

    Resignation from dormitory: HERE