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    Concise Internal Regulations for Students


    1. The course schedule and plan are posted on the website of the Department.

    2. The students are obliged to attend all classes and lectures.

    3. Study Regulations does not allow for unexcused absences. Students with unexcused absences will not be able to obtain the final credit.

    4. Absence should be excused as soon as possible. Only written certificates will be accepted (sick leave, dean`s office or other proper authorities). Copy should be delivered immediately after the cause of absence, not later than at the next class.

    5. Excused absence can be accounted for on the following class.

    6. Prior to the class, students should have a theoretical basic knowledge, not only of the current subject, but also the issues discussed on previous classes and associated with the current subject.

    7. Final credit (written form) is on the last class, at least 60% of maximum number of points are nedded to obtain the final credit.

    8. Students are obliged to change footwear, switch off phone, pager and any audio devices and leave coat, jacket etc. in the cloakroom.