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    Welcome Centre


    The purpose of the Welcome Centre is comprehensive service for foreign students, PhD students and academic staff. Here they will be able to receive professional help regarding their functioning at the University and in Bialystok.


    The Welcome Centre staff:


    The skillful Welcome Centre employees - friendly, energetic young people, will help to solve problems connected with studying or working at the University, but also related to everyday life, such as renting an apartment or official issues.

    People who operate the Welcome Centre are fluent in English, have participated in specialist training courses related to servicing foreign students, international cooperation workshops, intercultural communication workshops, as well as specialized English workshops.


    During your visit to the Welcome Centre you will be able to get:


    • university guides,
    • leaflets,
    • student calendars,
    • English-language document forms (e.g. related to foreign trips).
    • collection of university documents in English issued in a friendly and handy form such as:
      • university statute,
      • organizational regulations,
      • strategy,
      • templates of forms and prints,
      • the most important university resolutions and ordinances,
      • documents regarding personal data protection, etc.) .


    Welcome Centre will offer assistance in issues such as:


    • how move around the university
    • how to settle matters in the office, when no one can communicate in English
    • dealing with various matters at the University (advising where to go, who to ask, helping with translation if the employee doesn’t speak English
    • where to buy a bus ticket
    • in what district it is good to rent an apartment to conveniently reach the campus.
    • opening a bank account
    • scheduling and/or accompany a doctor’s appointment if there’s need for translation




      Urszula Roszkowska

      languages: Polish, English, Italian

      phone + 48 85 686 51 76,

      mailbox: urszula.roszkowska@umb.edu.pl

      mailbox: welcome@umb.edu.pl




    Łukasz Lepionka

      languages: Polish, English

      phone + 48 85 686 51 76,

      mailbox: lukasz.lepionka@umb.edu.pl

      mailbox: welcome@umb.edu.pl






    Extra line on COVID-19: (+48) 572 931 948 available Mon-Fri 7:30-18:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-15:00




    Welcome Centre is located in the right wing of Branicki Palace, room 207.

    The opening hours are: Mon-Fri, 07:30-15:30


    Suggesion Box:




    At the Welcome Centre’s door you are able to find our Suggestion box – a tool to get to know our students’ and guests opinions. We’ll do our best to implement the best ideas and make your experience at MUB as comfortable as possible




    myMUB application


    In September 2020 the International Cooperation Department has finished working on the MyMUB smartphone app that is meant to facilitate the functioning and acclimatization of people from abroad at our University. myMUB is completely free. It includes modules such as “About MUB”, “Campus” – an interactive map facilitating moving around the Univeristy, “Guide”, “Schedule”, “Białystok”, “Exchange Rate” and others. In the first two weeks the App has been downloaded nearly 300 times.


    International Events


    Welcome Centre employees, together with the Promotion and Recruitment Office, continue to organize events to integrate the entire international academic community of MUB. You can see our past events here: https://www.umb.edu.pl/en/student_life 

    The activities of the Welcome Centre will be systematically expanded.


    The program is co-financed from the European Social Fund under the Operational Program Knowledge Education Development, non-competitive project entitled Improving the competences of the academic staff and the institution's potential in accepting people from abroad - Welcome to Poland implemented as part of the Action specified in the application for co-financing of project No. POWR.03.03.00-00-PN14/18.