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    Foreign visits - rules






    Foreign visits depending on the purpose of departure may take the following forms:

    Foreign visit referral

    Foreign travel order:


    1. For scientific purposes:


    · performing tasks related directly to the University's activities,

    · performing tasks related to the implementation of research projects; meetings of working groups, scientific consultations etc. planned in these projects,
    · in other particularly justified cases, where the refund of the costs by inviting institution is conditional to a foreign travel order;


    Visits related to:

    · conducted clinical trials
    · giving a lecture at a remuneration,
    · the sponsor's activity, as well as promoting the sponsor's product,
     can be implemented as part of paid holiday leave or unpaid leave;

    · conducting scientific research in a foreign scientific, didactic and clinical unit,
    · a scholarship awarded by an entity other than the Medical University of Białystok

    2. For didactic purposes:

    · undertaking and conducting didactic activities in a foreign scientific and didactic unit

    3. For training purposes:

    • doctoral studies  - if the employee or PhD student applying for such a visit has appropriate scientific achievements and at least one year's work experience in a given specialty, confirmed by relevant documents,
    • post-graduate studies,
    • scientific or specialization internship,
    • a course raising professional qualifications,
    • apprenticeships,
    • conferences, congresses, symposia, scientific conventions,

    In both forms, it is required to submit a completed foreign visit application form together with a money transfer application, if it is necessary to make a pre-payment, as well as documents listed in the ‘forms’ section.

    An appropriate application must be submitted