Medical University of Bialystok. Medical University of Bialystok.

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    Medical University of Bialystok

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    Medical University of Bialystok (MUB) is a renowned, dynamically developing institution of higher education, distinguished among Polish academic centers. MUB has a unique and strong position in the life science research/education in Poland, having the status of a Leading National Research Centre (KNOW) in medicine/health science in Poland for the years 2012-2017. According to the last (2013) scientific ranking of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland the Faculty of Pharmacy with the Division of Laboratory Medicine of MUB was the highest ranked research institute in the field of life science with the only A+ score and the Faculty of Medicine with the Division of Dentistry and Division of Medical Education in English received the highest score among all medical faculties in Poland. In 2012, MUB established the Centre for Innovative Research comprised of Mossakowski Medical Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences, CenStat, UHasselt and CEMBIO, USP-CEU. The purpose of CIR is a search for new markers for early detection of civilization diseases. The project includes searching for biomarkers of individualized targeted therapy of these diseases. Innovative high-throughput technologies such as genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics, proteomics, metabolomics and modern methods of medical imaging (hybrid PET/MRI) are used.

    The University offers very modern infrastructure for scientific research. Center of Experimental Medicine is the most advanced center specialized in running the animal laboratory and conducting experimental studies on laboratory animals. It provides a unique infrastructure for basic research, preclinical studies and possesses the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) certificate to conduct experimental research on animals in the fields of toxicity studies and pharmacokinetic studies. Euroregional Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Analysis is the first such facility in the country that provides the ability to control drugs and formulations used by the institutions on the border area that collaborate with the University and allows to study qualitative and quantitative toxic substances in medicinal preparations, food and biological material. Euroregional Centre of Pharmacy is a highly specialized pharmaceutical-analytical unit which introduces modern research techniques to the daily scientific work. ECP conducts research in collaboration with various national and international centers. It involves, among others, the discovery and evaluation of synthetic and natural drugs, as well as the analysis of toxicity profiles and pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic drugs form technology and medical diagnostics. Centre for Clinical Research (opened in April 2015) is a new facility dedicated to clinical research in the area of oncology as well as metabolic and cardiovascular neurodegenerative diseases. The project was funded by the Polish Government as a part of ”Reconstruction and Development of the University Hospital in Bialystok” (total budget 506 million PLN). The Centre allows the scientists to access equipment for the high-throughput genomics/transcriptomics (HiSeq 4000), proteomics and metabolomics (Orbitrap MS) (2015), funded by the Regional Operational Programme for Podlasie Region (33 million PLN). Centre for Bioinformatics and Data Analysis (opened in November 2015) was created thanks to an infrastructural grant from the Operational Programme Development of Eastern Poland (European Regional Development Fund) (19 million PLN). Laboratory of Molecular Imaging and Technology Transfer, a company (owned by MUB) based in the Bialystok Science and Technology Park (BSTP), is the operator of the most advanced PET-MRI hybrid for molecular imaging.