Medical University of Bialystok. Alireza Tafazoli, PhD.

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    Alireza Tafazoli, PhD

     Project: Complete pharmacogenomics profiling of individuals, new insight for the future of personalized drug therapy


    Main project overview

    At the Department of Analysis and Bioanalysis of Medicines, together with the Clinical Research Centre of the Department of Endocrinology, Diabetology and Internal Medicine, we are going to perform one of the most comprehensive pharmacogenomics studies in Poland.
    The main effort would be the complete pharmacogenomics profiling of individuals, using the high throughput sequencing (next generation sequencing) methods in order to reveal the specific functional genetic variants which are responsible for different drug metabolism in different patients or even healthy individuals.

    As we are going to genotype most of pharmacogenes in the human body at three separate levels, this project could be considered as a large scale analysis of the genome. Most prior research projects in the field focused on some specific genes or drugs, demonstrating the priorities for particular areas, while here in Białystok, Poland, at the Euroregional Centre of Pharmacy in collaboration to other well-known centres around Europe, we decided to carry out an advanced and comprehensive clinical pharmacology and pharmacogenomics project, as a bold attempt at personalized medicine advancement.

    Included investigators:

    1. Alireza Tafazoli (Principal Investigator)
    2. Prof. Wojciech Miltyk and Prof. Adam Krętowski (Principal Investigator’s Supervisors)
    3. Magdalena Niemira, PhD (other investigators)
    4. Anna Szałkowska (other investigators)
    5. Witold Bauer (other investigators)
    6. Prof. Karol Kaminski, PhD (other investigators)
    7. Renata Posmyk, MD-PhD (other investigators) 
    8. Natalia Wawusiewicz-Kurylonek, PhD (other investigators)


    Research background

    • Medical/Human Genetics and Genomics (variant analysis)
    • Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics
    • Next Generation Sequencin

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