Medical University of Bialystok. Ramesh Gandusekar.

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    Ramesh Gandusekar

    Project: Cancer immunotherapy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

    Cancer immunotherapy has garnered tremendous interest in the field of cancer treatment. Development of immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) showed promising results in solid (lung, melanoma, renal carcinoma…) as well as in hematological tumours and have already been approved by the FDA, so that they can be used in clinical practice. As of now, immunotherapeutic approaches in NSCLC favoured certain groups of patients, while others did not respond, and some developed immune adverse related effects (IARE).

    The main objective of our project is to enhance the efficacy of immunotherapy in NSCLC by adding immunomodulators as a combination therapy.
    Department: Regenerative Medicine & Immune Regulation
    Supervisor: Prof. Marcin Moniuszko, MD-PhD (Head of the Dept. & MUB Vice-Rector)
    Co-supervisor: Kamil Grubczak, PhD
    Co-investigators: Andrzej Eljaszewicz, PhD
    Marlena Tynecka, PhD student
    Aleksandra Starosz, PhD student
    Jordan Holl, PhD student

    Background: Ramesh pursued his Master's degree in Human Genetics & Molecular & Cellular Biology at Andhra University (India) & from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain). For the Master’s internship, he worked on “DNA methylation studies in colorectal cancer”.


    Research Interests: Cancer Immunotherapy, Cancer Epigenetics, Circulating Tumour Cells, & Biomarkers