Medical University of Bialystok. Jordan Holl, PhD.

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    Jordan Holl, PhD

    Project: Assessment of human acellular dermal matrices and cellular therapies in diabetic wound healing efficacy

    Project Description: Those suffering from diabetes mellitus are often diagnosed with chronic wounds, typically on the lower extremities. Complications arising from diabetes and the closely correlated disease of obesity exacerbate the condition of these wounds significantly, leading to chronic infections, a constant state of inflammation, and stalling of the wound healing process. With over 420 million individuals (8.5% of total global population) affected in 2014 and its projection to become the 7th leading cause of death worldwide by 2030, diabetes mellitus is an ideal target for medical research.


    Recent studies have demonstrated the efficacy of dermal matrices (scaffolds) in the normal wound healing mechanism. Additionally, several immunological and regenerative cells, among others, have been implicated in positive outcomes within the wound microenvironment. Therefore, my research will focus on the use of dermal matrices in conjunction with other players in the context of the chronic diabetic ulcer in a translational capacity.


    Department of Regenerative Medicine and Immune Regulation

    Supervisor: MUB Vice-Rector Professor Marcin Moniuszko, MD-PhD


    Andrzej Eljaszewicz, PhD, Scientific and Technical Expert

    Kamil Grubczak, PhD

    Viviana Marolda

    Marlena Tynecka

    Dawid Groth, MD-PhD

    Aleksandra Starosz




    Honors B.S. in Biology (University of Southern Indiana, USA)

    Research focus: Discovery of novel genes in local freshwater lamprey (Petromyzontidae) species

    M.Sc. in Medical Science (University of Tsukuba, Japan)

    Research focus: Hybridoma and blocking monoclonal antibody establishment for conventional T cell protein involved in cytotoxicity


    Miscellaneous Research Interests:

    Regulatory T cell function, AIRE and thymic T cell development, wound healing and regeneration