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    Recruitment for online classes conducted by the world-famous expert Prof. Dr. André Uitterlinden

    31.03.2021 13:18
    Author: Dział Współpracy Międzynarodowej


    We invite you to participate in expert classes entitled "The application of genetics in clinics and society" conducted by the world-renowned Prof. Dr. André Uitterlinden from Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, Netherlands.


    Classes will be conducted in English.

    Prof. Dr. André Uitterlinden's bio in attachment.



    20-04-2021 3:00 p. m. - 4:30 p. m. (lecture)


    Classes will be conducted online.

    Details will be provided to persons who will send e-mail applications to Ms Joanna Zadykowicz by 15 April 2021

    tel. 85 686-51-78, e-mail:


    Classes are carried out as part of the project "Integrated Development of Education Quality Program at the Medical University of Bialystok".