Medical University of Bialystok. Cancer/Mutagenesis.

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    The Department of Clinical Molecular Biology conducts research projects focused on genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of lung cancer initiation and progression. PhD students will participate in research projects aimed to recognize the molecular basis of formation and development of lung cancer. These projects have the objective of identifying potential molecular biomarkers with a prognostic and predictive value, specifically: a) global expression of miRNA (mirNomic) in lung cancer with the use of microarrays; b) development of miRNA expression profiles useful in the assessment of recurrence and cancer-related deaths. PhD students will be trained in preparation of tissue and blood samples for miRNA research. They will learn how to perform miRNA expression profiling using microarrays and how to interpret the results of microarray analysis.

    MUB Expert: professor Jacek Nikliński

    Heidelberg University Experts: Heike Allgayer, MD-PhDJochen Sven Utikal, PhD