Medical University of Bialystok. Regenerative medicine in lifestyle diseases.

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    Regenerative medicine in lifestyle diseases

    PhD students will be involved in a research project implemented at the Department of Regenerative Medicine and Immune Regulation, MUB, aimed at analysing the  regenerative potential of the human body and the use of different cellular and acellular components in the regeneration process. The research projects will include: a) Quantitative analysis and assessment of the role of progenitor cells in paediatric growth hormone deficiency, diabetes, obesity and paediatric dystrophies; b) Assessment of regenerative potential of circulating progenitor cells, hematopoietic stem cells and very small embryonic cells like stem cells; c) Evaluation of the effects of exercise on the immune function and regenerative potential; d) The use of human acellular dermal matrix in the regeneration process; e) Use of graphene as a scaffold for human tissue culture.

    During the implementation of the above-mentioned projects, PhD students will use an array of advanced research tools such as: flow cytometry, cell sorting, in vitro cell cultures, qPCR, RNA sequencing, miRNA profiling, Western Blotting, ELISA and Multiplex protein analysis, confocal microscopy and animal models.

    MUB Expert: professor Marcin Moniuszko