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    Project report

    The Principal Investigator is obliged to submit a final project report to the Vice Rector for Scientific Affairs by 31st January of the year following the year for which the financing of the project was granted.

    The final project report should be submitted electronically in editable format (without mandatory signatures) to the email address provided in the report form and in one printed original (with mandatory signatures) to the Office for Science and International Cooperation.

    The project is considered as concluded if the final project report is accompanied by one of the following documents submitted to the Office for Science and International Cooperation and accepted by the Vice Rector for Scientific Affairs:
    -    publication in JCR-listed journal or 
    -    manuscript ready for publication in JCR-listed journal or
    -    decision letter / contract for external source funding of a research project or
    -    patent (confirmed by a certificate from the Patent Office) or 
    -    agreement for invention implementation (confirmed by intramural Office of Technology Transfer)


    Project report - download