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    Bence Gálik

    Project: miRNA-based biomarker development in non-small cell lung cancer for better diagnosis and prognosis


                         Department of Clinical Molecular Biology

    Supervisor: prof. dr hab. Jacek Nikliński

    Co-supervisor: visiting prof. Attila Gyenesei, PhD

    My email: bence.galik@umb.edu.pl


    Research background

    I graduated as a molecular biologist at the University of Szeged in 2014. I worked on my Master thesis at the Bay Zoltán Non-profit Ltd. in the field of metagenomics. That time I got acquainted with the next generation sequencing (NGS) application methods. Also, I started learning the data analysis methods. In mid 2015 I started working at the Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities as a bioinformatician. I got to know more sequencing methods such as Illumina short read and PacBio long read technologies. I learned more bioinformatic approaches to analyze various NGS data and I developed my own workflows for genome/transcriptome assembly and annotation, variant calling and other stuctural variation detection. Meantime, I learned several programming languages e.g. Shell, Python and R for statistics.


    Research interest

    Personally I am interested in developing new bioinformatic pipelines for data analysis in order to get better results. Sometimes only NGS data is not enough to carry out an experiment. We have to integrate data from other sources for example meta data, other "omics data" and image data to see a bigger picture. It is very challenging to combine these various datasets. One of my research goals is to find the best way to integrate data from different sources, therefore we can build better prediction model or give more precise prognosis. Also, I would like to learn more statistical approaches to further analyze the results.