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    Luis Felipe Padilla Martinez

    Project 2020: Determination of diabetes polygenic risk scores in discriminating phenotypic sub-spaces.


    Principal Investigator's Supervisor: Prof. Adam Kretowski, PhD habil., and Mirosław Kwaśniewski, PhD habil. 

    Department: Centre for Bioinformatics and Data Analysis, and Clinical Research Centre.

    Contact: luis.padilla@umb.edu.pl



    Diabetes is the fastest spreading disease in the world. Evidence suggests that early treatment is crucial for prevention of complications in patients. The volume of studies combining phenotypic and genetic variables to predict the risk of diabetes risk is increasing, as the results are generally promising. The polygenic risk scores are encouraging decision support for diagnosis and they are reliable when it comes to determination of diabetes subtypes. A refined classification of diabetes subtypes merging phenotypic features and polygenic risk scores to stratify could be a powerful tool for personalizing treatment regimens and identifying individuals at increased risk of complications at diagnosis, defining a kickoff towards precision medicine in diabetes.



    Biology, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Medical Pharmaceutical, Bioinformatics.



    ¡Hola! I’m Luis Felipe Padilla-Martínez, from Guanajuato, México. I completed my Bachelor studies in Experimental Biology in the University of Guanajuato, graduated in 2015. I spent some time of my bachelor course that the University of Arizona, completing the Latin American Summer Research Program. In 2015 I was admitted to a Master’s degree course at the Center for Research and Assistance in Technology and Design of the State of Jalisco AC (CIATEJ), in the field of Medical Pharmaceutical Biotechnology. During my master’s course, I went for a study visit to the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Institute of Biotechnology and Biomedicine, where I learned to use bioinformatics tools for genomic analysis.
    Right now I’m a second year PhD student enrolled in the “ImPRESS HORIZON 2020 COFUND doctoral program” held at the Medical University of Białystok.