Medical University of Bialystok. Mulugeta A. Wondim, PhD.

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    Mulugeta A. Wondim, PhD

    Project title: Molecular Characterization of Tick-Borne Microbes and Strain Identification.

    Supervisor: Assoc. prof. Anna Moniuszko-Malinowska, MD-PhD

     Co-Supervisors: Justyna Dunaj, PhD

                                    Prof. Slawomir Pancewicz

    Department:  Infectious Diseases and Neuroinfections 

    Recent reports showed an unprecedentedly increasing prevalence of tick-borne diseases. This project aims to determine the prevalence of selected tick-borne microbes, identifying strain variations between TBEV-Eu, TBEV-Si, and TBEV-FE, isolate important gene information of TBEVs for diagnosis and treatment purpose, and examine the variation between Babesia spp. in Poland and Ethiopia.

    Research Background

    Mulugeta Aseratie Wondim has graduated with Advanced Masters in Public Health Methodology, Masters of Emergency and Critical Care, and MSc in Adult Health Nursing.

    Mulugeta worked as university lecturer, researcher, and consultant before joining MUB. His interest mainly goes to epidemiology of infectious diseases along with biostatistics and bioinformatics methods. For Mulugeta, this fellowship will be a gear shifter to his dream to come true as a researcher in health sciences.