Medical University of Bialystok. Worth visiting.
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    Worth visiting

    Bialystok has always been a multicultural and multinational city of many languages. Today, as you walk down the streets of Bialystok, you could perhaps discern the following qualities:

    • Aristocratic – starting with the Branicki Palace (the seat of the Medical University of Bialystok), toward the Guest Palace (street address: ul.Kilinskiego 6), the Cathedral (ul. Koscielna 2), the former inn (ul. Sienkiewicza 4) and the City Hall (ul. Rynek Kosciuszki 10),
    • Industrial – from the Trylling Family Palace (ul. Warszawska 7), toward the tobacco factory (ul. Warszawska 39), the Old Power Plant (today the Modern Art Gallery, ul. Elektryczna 12), Becker Palace and Factory (today the Alfa Shopping Centre, ul. Swietojanska 15), to stop at Dojlidy Fabryczne Street with two pearls of architecture – the Hasbach Palace and the Krusenstern Family Palace,
    • Multi-religious– St. Roch's Church (ul. ks. A. Abramowicza 1), the Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas (ul. Lipowa 15), the Citron Synagogue (today’s Slendzinski Art Gallery, ul.Warynskiego 24a), St. Adalbert's Church (former Protestant church, ul. Warszawska 46a), a Muslim house of prayer (ul. Piastowska 13f),
    • Wooden architecture – remains of the 19th and 20th century wooden architecture are hidden around the city centre – the whole district of Bojary and a former Jewish neighborhood Chanajki, around today's Sienny Market Square.


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