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    ENGLISH DIVISION - teaching subjects


    nd year 

        dr hab. Barbara Polityńska-Lewko  


        dr hab. Barbara Polityńska-Lewko


    4th year 

        dr hab. Barbara Polityńska-Lewko  




    C O U R S E   R E G U L A T I O N S

    governing students of the Medical University of Białystok



    1.    Classes take place in accordance with the timetable for courses detailed for specific subject areas.

    2.    Timetables, course programmes and content are available on the noticeboards in the department.

    3.    Students’ attendance at lectures, classes, seminars and practical classes is obligatory.

    4.    Students are required to complete work missed as the result of absence from classes, even if this is

            justified by formal sick leave or university authority. The form and deadline for making up missed

            classes is to be agreed with the lecturer.

    5.    During the first month in each semester students are required to enter the following information in

           their academic record logs (indeks): the lecturer’s academic title, first name and family name;

           the title of the subject and the no. of hours of lectures and classes in the subject.

    6.    The final assessment will take place during the penultimate class and the final grade will be entered

           in students’ academic record logs during the final class in the course.

    7.    Any student who does not receive his/her final grade within the timescale outlined above (in 6)

           is required to contact the course lecturer during his/her consultation period (the timetable for

           consultations is available on the noticeboards in the department and on the department webpage).

    8.    Under no circumstances should student academic record logs be left in the department office

            in order to obtain entries and signatures.

    9.    Students are entitled to appeal in the matter of their final assessment grades to the Head of the

           Department within 7 days of their announcement. Under such circumstances the Department Head

           may require students to demonstrate their knowledge in the field of study.

    10.  The deadline for obtaining the entry for final grades (signatures) in the academic year 2018/2019 is:

           -  for courses ending in the winter semester: 03.02.2019

           -  for courses ending in the summer semester: 16.06.2019

    11.   In any instances not referred to in the above REGULATIONS, the REGULATIONS for STUDIES

            at the MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF BIAŁYSTOK hold.