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    Important information for students and PhD students

    13.03.2020 22:17
    Author: Administrator UMB


    • All internal and external conferences and events organized by MUB are canceled.
    • Business trips abroad and participation in domestic conferences of the employees, PhD students and students of the MUB are suspended.
    • Accommodation of new guests in student dormitories is suspended and guest visits are banned. There is a sanction for not complying with the ban and the Rules of the Dormitory in the form of eviction. In case there is a suspicion of any student in the dormitory being infected with SARS-CoV-2 virus, it is expected to quarantine the entire dormitory.
    • Students and PhD students accommodated in student dormitories, in accordance with the Chief Sanitary Inspector's recommendation, should return to their place of permanent residence. Students who cannot return to their homes have the right to remain in the dormitories on the former terms. Before deciding to return to the dormitory, please contact the head of the Student's Dormitory to determine the quarantine rules.
    • In the period from 12/03/2020 to 25/03/2020, lectures and classes within the 1st degree studies, 2nd degree studies, long-cycle programmes, postgraduate studies as well as courses and trainings conducted by MUB are suspended. This also applies to the  PhD school and PhD studies.
    • The implementation of all educational forms as part of projects co-financed from external funds, including EU funds, directed at employees, PhD students, high school students shall be suspended from 12/03/2020 until further notice.
    • In the period from 12/03/2020 until 25/03/2020 students' scientific activities are suspended.
    • PhD students who have children, may perform the necessary scientific work outside the headquarters of MUB during the period of suspension of classes in kindergartens, schools and educational institutions.  PhD students who want to exercise this right should inform their academic supervisor and the relevant Dean's Office.
    • In the period from 12/03/2020 until 25/03/2020 exams and tests planned for students and PhD students are suspended.
    • The University will make every effort to let students and PhD students implement the curriculum and pass classes in other dates and forms despite the extraordinary situation and precautions taken.
    • Students and PhD students should remain in constant contact with academic teachers conducting didactic classes in order to determine another form of conducting these classes.
    •  All lectures and seminars, until further notice, will be made available in electronic form.
    •  Academic teachers and PhD students pursuing professional practice in the form of conducting classes or participating in conducting them are obliged to prepare and make available in electronic form didactic materials covering the training program intended for implementation during lectures and seminars, as well as to indicate the scope of material necessary to pass the course.
    • Students and PhD students are obliged to participate in all classes, lectures and seminars provided in electronic form, dedicated to a given program and year of study.
    • In order to ensure communication of students and PhD students with Dean's offices, it is recommended to use electronic means (including scans) and telephone contacts. Correspondence in paper form should be kept to a minimum and submitted only to the Main University Office.
    • Every student or PhD student is obliged to immediately inform the appropriate Dean's office (e-mail, telephone) about suspected ilness caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
    • The activity of the Magazines and Books Reading Room in the Main Library of UMB is suspended.
    • Lending books works through an electronic system.
    • The library is open from Monday to Friday 08:30-14:30.
    • You can enter the library for pickup or return of books only one person at a time.
    • The deadlines for returning books falling within the period of suspension of classes at the University will be automatically extended until March 31, 2020. No fees will be charged for keeping books during this time;
    • Bibliometric analyses can only be ordered by calling 85-748-54-49. Prepared statements can be picked up at the Main University Office on the date fixed by phone.
    • The activity of MUB sports facilities is suspended.


    Order No. 21/2020 of Rector of the Medical University of Bialystok of 13 March 2020