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    Download the newest version of the myMUB mobile app

    20.05.2022 15:16
    Author: Dział Współpracy Międzynarodowej

    After several months of intensive work, the International Cooperation Department has completed expansion of the English-language mobile application myMUB dedicated to foreign students, guests and scientists coming to our university from foreign academic centres, as well as representatives of the whole academic society at the MUB.

    International Cooperation Department was responsible for all activities related to the expansion of the mobile application, as well as its update on regular basis. The application was created under the direct supervision of the Rector's Plenipotentiary for International Cooperation, prof. dr hab. Tomasz Hryszko.

    The application is available in Android and IOS versions. It is possible to download the application from a dedicated landing page, as well as directly from the Google Play and AppStore (links below).

    Download the English-Language mobile app

       Get it on Google Play

         Download on the App Store

    After expansion, the app allows you to log in to your personal profile, and then check your individual schedule and receive important notifications directed to the specific foreign student, study year or exercise group. Above-mentioned functions are available thanks to the new module “Student Zone”. It is definitely the most important part of the myMUB app expansion. 

    Important information: An access to the "Student Zone" module can be accessed only by English Division Students. It is worth to note that other functions are available for everyone.

    The English Division students who want to gain access to the module have to download the newest version of the app and create an account. It is sufficient to provide only basic data such as: name and surname, e-mail, study year. Upon verification of a student status, an account will be open. Afterwards, a student is able to check an individual schedule and they have a possibility to read PUSH notifications.

    Dedicated platform for foreign studentsGet your individual schedule

    Moreover, by downloading the latest version of the app, you will keep up to date with events organised at the University thanks to the “EVENTS” module. Upgrade of the campus map module, by adding photo miniatures of some buildings and a new category of facilities – parking lots, integration with the virtual walk around the MUB campus, will facilitate functionality. Furthermore, you can check an exchange rate of foreign currencies in relation to each other, including new currencies such as Swiss franc, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, Indian rupee, Yuan renminbi. Before, there it was only possible to exchange Polish zloty to five other currencies (and vice versa). In addition, the app is more digitally accessible thanks to a possibility to change contrast and font size. A voice of a Polish native speaker lector has been added to the glossary available in the Guide module as well as a quick access to an English-language contact search engine to the MUB employees has been introduced.

    We kindly encourage you to read the myMUB user manual (How to use the app), which is available only in English. In the manual, you will find information about main functionalities in a pictorial and transparent way. Descriptions of all new functionalities as well as essential explanations are included in the manual.

    In case of necessity to correct an individual schedule or if any problems with the app occur, please contact us at: mymub@umb.edu.pl

    International Cooperation Department


    The expansion of the myMUB mobile application was created as part of the project entitled "All roads lead to the MUB. Modern tools for the development of international promotion and the use of IT technology in building the University's potential".


    The project is financed by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange under the Welcome to Poland (2020) programme.


    NAWA Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange