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    The project of Małgorzata Sawicka-Żukowska and Anna Krętowska-Grunwald received funding in the 6th edition of the ONKOGRANTY competition

    24.01.2023 15:18
    Author: Administrator UMB


    Project by dr Małgorzata Sawicka-Żukowska (assistant professor at the Department of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology of the University Children’s Hospital, pediatrician, pediatric oncologist and hematologist, transfusiologist) and Anna Krętowska-Grunwald (second-year resident of pediatrics at the Department of Oncology and Hematology of the University Children’s Hospital, PhD student at the Department of Regenerative Medicine and Immune Regulation of the Medical University of Bialystok) was positively evaluated and received funding in the 6th edition of the ONKOGRANTY competition announced by the Polish League of Fighting Cancer.

    Project entitled "Pandusia Danusia (eng. Panda named Danusia) helps to tame the central venous catheter - an educational toy intended for children treated for cancer with the use of catheters and vascular ports" by Małgorzata Sawicka-Żukowska and Anna Krętowska-Grunwald was created in response to the need to understand and accept the need to place a central access during anticancer therapy in children. The introduction of an educational tool in the form of a toy - panda Danusia - into oncological care will enable the doctor to familiarize children with the subject of central catheters and better understand them, reduce the anxiety associated with the disease and its accompanying procedures, and improve the quality of life of a small oncological patient.

    So far, there has been no educational tool in Poland to explain to children undergoing chemotherapy the operation of a central catheter or a vascular port. Panda has a central catheter, a vascular port and a peripheral puncture, she wears a headscarf on her head, and a golden ribbon on her shoulder - a symbol of cancer in children.

    Each panda toy will come with detailed age-appropriate instructions. Thanks to the project, every child in Poland diagnosed with cancer will have their own Pandusia Danusia, who will accompany them throughout the therapy.