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    The 87th PTK Spring Conference and 16th Polish Cardiology Conference took place last weekend in Bialystok

    14.04.2024 15:49
    Author: Administrator UMB


    On 13-14 April 2024, the Medical University of Bialystok hosted prominent cardiologists from all over Poland at the 87th PTK Spring Conference and the 16th 'Polish Cardiology' Conference. The Conference also celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Polish Society of Cardiology. The Chair of the Organising Committee was Professor dr hab. Agnieszka Tycińska from the Department of Cardiology and Internal Medicine with the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at the UMB.

    The scientific programme was prepared by the most eminent specialists in Polish cardiology and cardiac surgery. The latest European Society of Cardiology (ESC) 2023 guidelines and the anticipated guidelines to be presented at the ESC Congress in autumn 2024 in London were discussed.

    Sessions were prepared by representatives of all thematic groups of the Congress Scientific Committee and covered the entire spectrum of subspecialties of modern cardiology. In total, there were more than 150 lectures, with the participation of almost 200 scientists, and the conference was attended by 800 people. The Congress began with a press conference, attended by Professor Agnieszka Tycińska, Chairman of the Organising Committee, Prof. dr hab. Robert Gil, President of the Polish Cardiac Society (PTK) and Prof. dr hab. Karol Kamiński, Chairman of the Prevention Section of the PTK.

    The official opening ceremony took place on Saturday evening, during which the scientists and cardiologists were thanked for their work. Special thanks were also given to the organisers of the event, for their efforts. A special letter to the Congress participants was addressed by the Minister of Health, Izabela Leszczyna. The Medical University of Bialystok was represented by the Rector-elect, Prof. dr hab. Marcin Moniuszko, and the Vice-Rectors Prof. dr hab. Adrian Chabowski and Prof. dr hab. Janusz Dzięcioł.

    Website of the 87th PTK Spring Conference and 16th "Polish Cardiology" Conference