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    Incoming students







    Application procedure

    The first step for necessary to study at our University within the Erasmus+ Programme is that we receive your nomination from your home university. Once we check whether we can accept you, you should send the following filled and scanned documents to the International Cooperation Department by e-mail:

    • Incoming Erasmus+ Student Application Form of the Medical University of Bialystok, with photograph,
    • Learning Agreement (we require firstly the paper form of the Learning Agreement and then the OLA – Online Learning Agreement),
    • Passport other ID photocopy,
    • Transcript of Records (certificate showing a list of courses you took so far in your home university),
    • Language certificate,
    • Document confirming the health insurance, e.g. scan of the EHIC card.


    The application documents are available on the website:,24548/Required_documents


    Please keep in mind the deadlines for submitting Erasmus+ application documents:

    • for winter semester and entire academic year: 30th June
    • for spring semester: 1st December


    Please remember to fill the Learning Agreement in English, including the names of subjects you chose.

    All application documents shall be submitted by e-mail as scanned copies to the e-mail address:


    Once we receive all of the required documents from you, you will be provided with the Letter of acceptance.

    You can find detailed information about our application process on the website:,24546/Incoming_students

    The information of the Regulations of the incoming mobilities can be found here:,26127/Regulations_on_the_incoming_mobilities



    As an Erasmus+ student of Medicine you will be assigned to the English Division studies – these are the Medicine studies we conduct in English.


    The curriculum of English Division - Medical Faculty is available on the website:,9041/Curriculum

    You can find available Academics and schedules here:,9016/Academics_and_Schedules

    Once you will be filling out the Learning Agreement please indicate Mrs Edyta Zbroch both as a contact person, and as a person responsible for signing your LA in the Receiving Institution.

    The detailed data is: dr hab. Edyta Zbroch, Institutional Coordinator of Erasmus+ Programme, e-mail:, phone no. +48 85 7409 504


    Classes at Medical University of Bialystok are conducted in two semesters:

    Winter semester – 02/10/2023 – 11/02/2024

    Summer semester – 19/02/2024 – 30/06/2024


    About Medical University of Bialystok

    • Basic information about the Erasmus+ Programme at the MUB can be found in our factsheet: MUB Factsheet (pdf, 443 kB)
    • All useful information concerning academic calendar, course description, accommodation, etc. you can find on the website:
    • More information about our University can be found here:
    • You can also read more about us in the University brochure: MUB Brochure (pdf, 17173 kB) 
    • We encourage you to download our myMUB mobile app:
    • We also encourage you to watch MUB’s promotional videos in order to find out more about us:

    • Our Welcome Centre staff and the Promotion and Recruitment Office organise regular integration events bringing together the entire international academic community of MUB. For reports of our past events, go to:



    Medical University of Bialystok offers rooms in two Dormitories, situated near the university campus. All of the necessary information about accommodation in our Student Dormitories can be found here:,9042/accomodation

    If you are interested in staying in one of our dormitories, please contact directly the dormitory that interests you. They will guide you on the further procedures concerning your accommodation.



    The closest airport to Białystok is Warsaw Okęcie (Chopin Airport) or Warsaw Modlin. You can get to Białystok by train or by bus from there.

    If you are travelling by bus or by train, you can find the connections to Białystok here:

    Also you can find the information on our public transportation here:

    After your arrival, arrange a meeting with us via email and come to our Office. We are open from Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 15.30. Information about our location can be found here:,22011/Erasmus+_2021-2027_


    Erasmus+ Buddy

    Every Erasmus incoming student will be assigned with their personal Erasmus buddy. These persons are students of Medical University of Bialystok. They will welcome you and guide you through your first weeks at the MUB.



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    Erasmus+ App

    With the new Erasmus+ App, students who want to go abroad for an exchange will be able to focus on what really matters, being helped in every step of their mobility application, during their mobility, and upon their return home.

    The Erasmus+ App also fosters content sharing by students within the App such as tips that can help other students make their experience easier and better.

    More information about the app can be found here:




    Check the first mobile app for foreign students of the MUB

    The myMUB mobile app is a tool meant to facilitate the functioning of English-speaking students, PhD students and scientists at the Medical University of Bialystok (MUB).

    In particular, the application is meant to ease getting around the University campus. You can also find there: news, tips for students, campus map or a city guide and many more.

    More information about the app can be found here:


    You can download it here:

    App Store

    Google Play





    Academic Planner App

    Now you can dowload a new App from Foundation for the Development of the Education System (FRSE) - Academic Planner. This planner will certainly help you during your stay in our country.

    More information about the app can be found here: APP INFO (PDF)