Medical University of Bialystok. Mobilities of students and employees.
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    Mobilities of students and employees









    • Students are understood as students of first-cycle studies, second-cycle studies or uniform master's studies.
    • PhD students are understood as doctoral students pursuing education at the Doctoral School and participants in doctoral studies conducted under the existing rules.
    • Graduates are understood as persons who have completed first-cycle studies, second-cycle studies, uniform master's studies at the MUB or doctoral studies / Doctoral School.
    • Post-docs are understood as persons who have obtained a doctoral degree. Under the Erasmus+ Programme, a person with the post-doc status may take part in the mobility within 12 months from the moment of acquiring the post-doc status.



    Mobility length:

    Students and PhD students can pursue:

    Short-term mobilities for traineeships:

    • are carried out in the period of: 5-30 days (period of a single stay),
    • in the case of student mobility, such mobility must include on-line education,
    • in the case of doctoral student mobility, online education is optional.


    Long-term mobilities for traineeships or studies:

    • are implemented in the length of 2-12 months,
    • the period of 12 months is the total maximum duration of the mobility,
    • in the case of uniform master's studies, the total maximum period of mobility may be 24 months,
    • the period of a single stay cannot be longer than the settlement period at MUB specified in the Regulations of Studies / Regulations of the Doctoral School (academic year),
    • online learning for long-term trips is optional.


    Graduates and post-docs can pursue:

    Short-term mobilities for internships:

    •     5-30 days – combined with mandatory online education


    Long-term mobilities for traineeships:

    •     2-12 months - physical mobility should last at least 2 months and online learning is optional. The minimum and maximum duration of online education should be adapted to the needs of the outgoing person.