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    Downloads and clerkship forms
    Clinical clerkships

    Clinical clerkships are part of the study course, credited with a corresponding number of ECTS credits. Students complete their  clerkship programs according to the curriculum in their specific fields of study.
    Assoc. Professor Katarzyna Taranta-Janusz MD-PhD (Department of Paediatrics and Nephrology, phone: 85 745 0651) is the clerkship coordinator at the Faculty of Medicine

    Clerkship Tutors:

    First year tutor: Magdalena Szkudlarek MD-PhD
    Department of Anatomy magdalena.szkudlarek@umb.edu.pl

    Second year tutor: Professor Marcin Baranowski MD-PhD
    Department of Physiology

    Third year tutor: Izabela Bialuk PhD
    Department of General and Experimental Pathology

    Fourth year tutor: Piotr Tomasz Protas MD-PhD
    Department of Pediatrics and Nephrology at the Children’s Clinical Hospital 


    Fifth year tutor: Michał Szeremeta MD-PhD
    Department of Forensic Medicine



    The Rules of Summer Holiday Practical Training


    Documents to download

    Clerkships sheet

    Clerkships Year 1

    Clerkships Year 2

    Clerkships Year 3

    Clerkships Year 4

    Clerkships Year 5


    Criteria for selection    Annex No. 1 To the Regulations of Student Vocational Placements

    Self-assessment Sheet Annex No.3 To the Regulations of Student Vocational Placements



    Clerkships Survey


    Other documents:

    Procedure of monitoring

    Placement Location and Procedure Sheet

    Participant's Feedback Sheet

    Regulations on the inspection of classes

    The Rules on Doing Practical Training (Medical Clerkship) at the University Teaching Hospital in Białystok in the Academic Year of 2020/2021

    Student’s statement

    Important information in regards to Clerkship in University Teaching Hospital


    Students are required to file two copies of the GDPR authorization and disclaimer (one copy, signed by the authorized individual, will remain on the Clinic/Department site throughout the duration of the clerkship for easy access).
    The above mentioned documents shall be presented at or collected from the University Teaching Hospital, ul. M.C. Skłodowskiej 24 A, Administration Room (Administracja), 5th floor, room no. 32, only during the following office days and hours:
    - Tuesdays, 12:00 to 3:00 PM
    - Wednesdays, 12:00 to 3:00 PM

    A copy of the agreement and the remaining documents as required should be presented not later than 7 days before the agreed rotation commencement date. Documents submitted after the deadline or after the rotation commencement will not be signed.
    Documents which are incomplete or filled out with errors will not be accepted.
    On the clerkship commencement date, each student shall present the clerkship curriculum, the required insurance and a copy of GDPR authorization to the program supervisor.