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    Financial Aid for US students



    WE Welcome Students from the United States

    The Medical University of  Bialystok (MUB) understands that planning how you are going to pay for your medical education is an important and sometimes daunting process.  While most of our students use a combination of family contribution, private grants and scholarships,  some students also consider student loan programs as an option to pay for part or all of their educational expenses. It is advisable for all students - including those who have applied for financial aid - to bring sufficient funds with them to cover their   living expenses in the first month..
    The Financial Aid Office (FAO) is seated at the Deans Office of the English Division  ( Branicki Palace-ground floor, room 37)

    Contact information is provided below:

    Ms. Emilia Różańska, Financial Aid Officer:,






    Admission requirements:


    For Information about admissions to the Medical University of   Bialystok  please contact:

    Office of Admissions
    Phone: 85-748-57-88



    For Institutional and financial aid information please contact:
    Medical University of Bialystok

    Dean's Office/Financial Aid Office

    Phone: 85-686-5123



    Programs for U.S. Students:

     U.S. Federal Direct Loans refer only to 6 Year MD Program. Nursing, Pharmacy, Health Science and other medical program are ineligible. We do not offer non-degree/certificate/diploma .programs

    U.S. Federal Direct Loans:Students accepted for admission to Medical University of Bialystok and those who are enrolled  at least half time and maintaining standards of satisfactory academic progress may apply for Direct Loans to meet direct and indirect educational expenses. The maximum loan amount for which a student is eligible may not exceed the cost of attendance for the academic period in which the student is enrolled, as defined by MUB.  The Cost of Attendance can be found under the Student Consumer Information section of this website. The following information has been designed to assist students in understanding the Federal Direct Loan program and provides a step by step guide to the application process at MUB.



    Students must ensure that the University Registrar's Office has a clear copy of their US Passport or Permanent Residence Card as well as Driver's License and Social Security card on file.
    Students must inform the Dean's Office about any changes in the contact data. All information will be sent to the email address on file.

    Students will find  information about the U.S. Federal Direct Loan Program on the following websites



    Private Education Loans:

    Sallie Mae Student Loans

    Sallie Mae offers Medical University of Bialystok students the SMART OPTION LOAN which is a private loan that may be competitive in interest and fees with the PLUS and GRAD PLUS loans in some circumstances. The interest charged on these loans varies according to the borrower’s credit rating. In many instances, students find it financially advantageous to provide a cosigner or endorser on the loan application. You can find out more about these loans.

    Although other private lenders offer US students credit based loans, at this time, it is our understanding that only Sallie Mae offers their private loans to U.S. students studying outside of the United States.


         Federal student Aid- more info

    DOE websites for students info

    Helpful Websites


    You can then use your FSA ID to access these Federal Student Aid systems:


    Free Application for Federal Student Aid

    • Pre-fill data in this year's FAFSA if you filed a FAFSA last year.
    • Make online corrections to an existing FAFSA.
    • View or print an online copy of your Student Aid Report (SAR).


    The National Student Loan Data System at

    • View a history of any federal student aid that you have received.
    • Look up your loan servicer information.


    • Complete Entrance Counseling.
    • Electronically sign a master promissory note (MPN).
    • Complete PLUS loan application requests.
    • Complete Exit Counseling when you drop below ½ time enrollment.


    My Federal Student Aid at

    • View a history of any federal student aid that you have received.
    • Look up your loan servicer information.


    Important information: Medical University of Bialystok does not issue 1098T forms.