Medical University of Bialystok. Responsibilities of the Rector's Plenipotentiary for Open Access.
  • Updated 08.02.2023 by OPEN ACCESS

    Responsibilities of the Rector's Plenipotentiary for Open Access

    1. Analysis of an “institutional openness policy” laying down the rules for collecting, storing sharing and disseminating research data under an open access publication model.
    2. Cooperation with the Director of the Library of Medical University of Bialystok within the area of coordinating the process of editing and depositing scientific publications in the publication repository.
    3. rganisation and administering the repository of research data produced by personnel and doctoral students (including data collected, observed or produced as material for analysis to produce original scientific results, including numerical data, text documents, survey results, audio and video recordings, photographs, databases, software, laboratory protocols, methodological descriptions and others).
    4. Organising open access trainings for all personnel hired at the Medical University of Bialystok and the PhD students
    5. Developing guidelines and identifying the tools for the creation of a management plan for research data generated or used during and after the research project, required for the submission of proposals for funding and implementation of research projects.
    6. Developing and administering a sub-page on the UMB website dedicated to open access to research publications and data.