• Updated 20.02.2018 by Dział Nauki i Współpracy Międzynarodowej

    Application requirements

    In order to qualify to attend PhD studies each candidate must complete the official admission process via an online recruitment system. All the required documents shall be submitted on-line. The online recruitment for candidates will be open on 1 March, 2018.


    1. A PhD candidate submits an application for admission to the International Interdisciplinary PhD Studies in Biomedical Research and Biostatistics to the Rector of Medical University of Bialystok, with the following attachments:

    • a personal data form (template will be provided on MUB website),
    • a graduation diploma of MSc studies; foreigners are required to submit a graduation diploma from MSc studies or equivalent studies in Poland or a legalised diploma or another document confirming graduation from university studies that pertaining to separate legal provisions is recognized as equivalent to the Polish diploma of 2nd level studies or equivalent,
    • a certificate with regard to grades from all subjects passed during studies and the average of such grades, that is issued by respective dean’s office; in the case of 2-level studies - a certificate with regard to grades (and their average) during bachelor studies and certificate concerning grades (and their average) during master studies,
    • a photograph in compliance with requirements binding for issuance of identity documents (with resolution at least 300 dpi in JPEG format, dimensions 300 x 375 pixels and size up to 1MB),
    • a statement on full capacity to perform acts in law (template will be provided on MUB website),
    • a list and copies of title pages of scientific literature that has been published or accepted for publication that has been written or co-written by a candidate,
    • a list and copies of presentations (oral or poster presentations) at scientific conferences, in the case of which the candidate is the first author or a presenting person together with certificates from the committees of scientific conferences confirming that the candidate was a presenting author,
    • a certificate concerning completed training/research work in a research/scientific centre abroad,
    • a certificate on attended internship/course in English connected with the topic of the studies,
    • a declaration on selection of a thematic area (from a list attached to the recruitment conditions) that is a current and future subject of PhD candidate research interest,
    • a cover letter containing a vision of candidate’s scientific development and own assessment of useful skills and knowledge from the perspective of International Interdisciplinary PhD Studies in Biomedical Research and Biostatistics,
    • (a) reference letter(s) (not more than 3) on the candidate's experience so far in work with different research techniques (with specification of research techniques in which the candidate is experienced: number of hours of individual work with regard to individual research techniques).


    2. Candidates submit documents in English, if originally they are in different language only sworn or certified translations are accepted.