• Updated 07.04.2021 by Dział Rozwoju i Ewaluacji

    Scientific independence and huge motivation

    From the beginning of their academic career, the best young scientists will be able to become independent soon, and their motivation will increase their commitment and creativity in the research projects carried out with substantial financial support. Researchers will get the minimum monthly remuneration at €2597 EUR gross throughout their employment at MUB (48 months). For this amount, ESRs will be able to afford decent living conditions in Poland and may be able to support their families or to settle locally. PhD students can apply for doctoral scholarships (€341 monthly). Outstanding PhD students may also apply for so-called pro-quality scholarships at €186 euro per month. PhD students will receive funding for their study visits (€3,564 per year), and the ESRs’ research projects will be funded by MUB (min. €6,000 a year). According to the ESRs’ actual status, they can also apply for maintenance funding, which can even extend to cover their family members.