Medical University of Bialystok. University San Pablo-CEU in Madrid (USP-CEU), Spain.

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    University San Pablo-CEU in Madrid (USP-CEU), Spain

    USP-CEU is a private University that relies on a non-profit education foundation. The Faculty of Pharmacy enages proactively in  basic and applied research as well as collaboration projects with the industry. The Analytical Chemistry Research Group operates the Centre for Metabolomics and Bioanalysis (CEMBIO), the global  leader in metabolomics, set up in response to the academic and industrial research needs in the field of Health Sciences. CEMBIO represents an integrated  and coordinated approach to metabolite analysis research, extending from initial screening with untargeted methodology, searching for new biomarkers, all the way to validation studies targeting the previously selected markers. It employs around 20 specialists in such diverse fields as Statistics, Pharmacy, Biochemistry, and Analytical Chemistry at the core. Our research strengths are not only the applications, but also our work on improving the tools and workflow in metabolomics. Since 2008, CEMBIO has published more than 100 articles covering metabolomics applied in various areas. The Centre  has extensive experience with cooperation projects involving Universities and Research Centres worldwide (such as the Imperial College, Baltimore NHI, or Sao Paulo University)), companies (such as Lilly or Airbus Defense & Space) as well as the most prominent research institutions in Spain. Our international recognition in the metabolomics field is demonstrated by our membership of the Partner Labs Network from Agilent Technologies. It has unique resources in mass spectrometry coupled with different separation techniques (LC, GC and CE) and state-of-the-art developments, not just in instrumentation but also in data processing software. In addition to the extensive base of mass spectrometers (Qtof and QqQ), CEMBIO uses the following data processing software: Mass Hunter, Mass Profiler Professional, and SIMCA. It has developed its own integrated research tool for metabolite searching – the CEU MASS MEDIATOR©. CEMBIO members offer regular supervision of MSc, PhD and postdoc students. The CEU group has a long experience in collaboration and organization of graduate and doctorate courses: Perinatal Biochemistry and Pathology (recognized as a Quality Course by the Madrid Autonomous Community) Master’s course in Industrial and Technological Pharmacy. Key staff: Prof. Coral Barbas, PhD,  Antonia García Fernández, PhD,  Javier Rupérez, PhD.