Medical University of Bialystok. Mobilities for traineeships.
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    Mobilities for traineeships

    Who can participate in a mobility for traineeship within the Erasmus+ Programme?

    • As students – all students from the 2nd to the penultimate year of bachelor’s, master’s, or uniform master’s studies of all courses at the MUB,
    • As PhD students - students of Doctoral School
    • As graduates – students of the last year of bachelor’s, master’s or uniform master’s studies of all courses at the MUB.


    To what institutions can you go to for a traineeship?

    Your receiving institution could be:

    1. any public or private organisation active in the labour market or in the field of education, training, youth, research and innovations.

    Examples of such institutions:

    1. public or private, small, medium or large company (including social enterprises);
    2. a public body at local, regional or national level;
    3. a research institute;
    4. a foundation;
    5. a school/institute/education centre;
    6. a non-profit organisation, an association, a non-governmental organisation.
    1. a higher education institution located in one of the EU Member States or third countries associated to the Programme, holding a valid ECHE card.

    MUB does not have to have a signed contract with a given institution!


    It is possible to pursue a mobility for:

    compulsory traineeship - constituting an integral part of the study programme, which must correspond in scope and minimum duration to the traineeship resulting from the study programme in a given year in a given education cycle. The condition for granting consent to such a mobility is the written acceptance of the traineeship coordinator/supervisor,

    optional traineeship - which should guarantee the opportunity to acquire competences related to the field of education at the MUB.


    Which countries can you travel to?

    You can travel to the EU Member States and third countries associated to the Programme:

    Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Croatia, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Denmark, Cyprus, Portugal, Germany, Latvia, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Ireland, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Greece, Hungary, Finland, Spain, Malta, Sweden, North Macedonia, Iceland, Norway, Serbia, Liechtenstein, Turkey.


    What conditions must be met in order to be able to participate in the recruitment process?

    • You must have a student / doctoral student status,
    • You must be a student / doctoral student at the time of departure, and in the case of students, be a student of at least the 2nd year of bachelor’s or uniform master’s studies,
    • (In the case of last-year students, who want to participate in a mobility as a graduate) you must submit the necessary documents during your last year of studies,
    • You cannot be on dean’s leave or, in the case of doctoral studies, on an extension of studies,
    • You didn’t exhaust your mobility capital,
    • You must have an average grade from your entire study cycle higher than 3,5. In the case of first-year students of master’s programmes or doctoral students, the average grade from all years of the previous degree is taken into account,
    • You must know the language in which your traineeship will be conducted to a degree that allows you to carry it out.


    What documents have to be submitted to participate in the recruitment process?

    • Application form for mobility for traineeship (Appendix no. 3 to the Regulations on the outgoing mobilities),
    • Certificate of average grade from your entire study cycle on the relevant degree. In the case of first-year students of master’s programmes or doctoral students, the average grade from all years of the previous degree is taken into account,
    • A document confirming language skills of the foreign language required by the receiving institution (particularly a certificate of language proficiency, a certificate from the Department of Foreign Languages or a certificate from a language school),
    • If applicable, opinions from the supervisors of scientific groups, certificates of activity signed by the presidents of student organisations or MUB’ officials; in case of sport achievements, an opinion provided by the Department of Physical Education and Sport,
    • (In the case of obligatory traineeships) opinion of the traineeship supervisor – Appendix no. 7 to the Regulations on outgoing mobilities,
    • Letter of Intent (Appendix no. 8 to the Regulations on outgoing mobilities).


    All required documents are available in the Documents to download tab:,24092/Documents_to_download and in the Regulations tab:,24403/Regulations


    What’s the deadline for submitting documents?

    Application documents should be submitted between February 1 and March 1

    Announcement of the results of the qualification procedure (decisions) – until 31 March.


    What are the scholarship rates for mobilities for traineeship?

    Information about the rates is available at the University's rules for financing of the Erasmus+ Programme tab:,24435/Universitys_rules_for_financing_of_the_Erasmus+_Programme


    Where to submit documents:

    Erasmus+ Office

    address: ul. Jana Kilińskiego 1, 15-089 Białystok, Polska

    room no. 209, right wing of the Branicki Palace, 1st floor, entry D.


    tel.: +48 85 686 53 37

    working hours: Monday to Friday, 7:30-15:30


    Procedures for obtaining a positive decision of the University Commission of Erasmus+ Programme on qualification for the traineeship:

    • Create the Learning Agreement for Traineeships (LA) in consultation with the receiving institution and complete the required information in the "Before the mobility" section (the file can be downloaded here:,24092/Documents_to_download);
    • Provide the Erasmus+ Office with your signed LA and other required documents, i.e. bank account details (it is best if the account is kept in Euro), a copy of the insurance purchased for the duration of the mobility, a copy of the EHIC card. If you plan to travel using low-emission means of transport (at least 51% of the mobility), also submit the "green travel" Declaration - before mobility. Persons using this type of transport are entitled to an allowance of EUR 50. Documents can be downloaded here:,24092/Documents_to_download;
    • We will obtain signatures for the LA from the MUB site, after which you will receive this document and your task will be to obtain the signature of the person responsible for your practice at the receiving institution. After obtaining the signature, send a scan of this document to:;
    • One month before departure, complete your personal data in the Grant agreement and send it in an editable form to: (The scholarship agreement can be downloaded here:,24435/Universitys_rules_for_financing_of_the_Erasmus+_Programme)
    • Erasmus+ Office will complete the remaining data in the Grant agreement and invite you to sign it;
    • Complete the language test in the OLS system (Link to the test will be sent to you automatically by the system);
    • Based on the provisions of the grant agreement and after completing the OLS test, you will receive 70% of the awarded scholarship. Payment will be made in Euro, no later than on the day of departure;
    • After arriving at the receiving institution, obtain a signature on the Arrival and Departure Statement to and from the receiving institution, in the section regarding arrival. Send a scan of this document to the e-mail address:;
    • Enjoy the experience of a mobility under the Erasmus+ Programme;
    • After returning, provide the Erasmus+ Office with the original Learning Agreement for Traineeships, completed and signed in the "After the mobility" section, as well as the original Arrival and Departure Statement signed in the section regarding arrival and departure. If you used the "green travel" supplement, also submit a "green travel" declaration - after mobility. Complete the survey in the EU Survey system regarding your mobility (the link to the survey will be sent to you automatically by the system);
    • After settling the mobility, you will receive the remaining 30% of the scholarship.