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    Informacja o możliwości aplikowania na staże w brytyjskich uczelniach

    14.03.2019 13:10
    Autor: Dział Współpracy Międzynarodowej


    For academic visits to the U.K.

    The aim of the Corbridge Trust is to promote academic exchanges between Polish and British universities. The Trust is administered by Robinson College, which together with other Cambridge colleges, forms an integral part of the University of Cambridge. The Trust offers scholarship awards to help Polish scholars pursue their academic interests or to complete a research project at any university of their choice in the U.K., although most candidates choose to visit Robinson College in the University of Cambridge, where the Trust is based. Scholarships are usually awarded for a period of 1-3 months and are available to members of Polish universities and institutions of higher education, including Professors, those holding the position of “adiunkt” and “asystent”, and doctoral students. There are no restrictions with regard to the age of candidates. The scholarship may provide the opportunity to visit a university department and meet with academics in the candidate’s chosen field, but in order for an arrangement of this kind to be successful, it is necessary to obtain a formal letter of invitation from the department or person that the candidate wishes to consult, before making an application to the Trust. Applications should include a clearly stated aim for the candidate’s proposed study visit, provide a detailed description of their research proposal and explain their reasons for wishing to visit a British university in connection with the completion of their project. Further information is available from the Robinson College website:


    Interviews for scholarships will take place in Warsaw in mid-May 2019. In order to obtain an application form and information about how to apply for scholarships, please contact (before March 31st 2019): dr hab. Barbara Polityńska, Director of the Clifford and Mary Corbridge Trust, Senior Member of Robinson College at the following email address: corbridgetrust@wp.pl