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    Środowiskowe Studia Doktoranckie w Języku Angielskim

    13.06.2013 12:38
    Autor: Biuro Karier



    Medical University of Bialystok, the Leading National Research Centre (KNOW) in the field of medical sciences (2012-2017) invites applications for the Interdisciplinary PhD studies in English conducted in collaboration with leading international research centres


    We offer opportunity for carrying out graduate studies leading to a PhD degree in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

    The University is looking forthe best young graduates of: molecular biology, biochemistry, medical analytics, biotechnology, bioinformatics and related fields to conduct research within the framework of the project "The search for new biomarkers of civilization diseases using high-throughput techniques”. We offer a possibility of scientific development and competitive financial conditions.   

    We are looking for candidates highly motivated to scientific work, who can demonstrate their independence and a very good active knowledge of English, including the ability to prepare scientific manuscripts.

    It would be desirable if the candidates had experience in conducting research in the field of genomics (next-generation sequencing methods), transcriptomics, epigenomics documented by publications and training/scholarships completed abroad.

    Within the Interfaculty PhD Studies in English, two groups of PhD  students shall be distinguished:

    the biomedical group, in which the PhD students, upon their graduation, shall receive third-degree qualifications, i.e. the academic degree of Doctor of Medical Science or Doctor of Pharmaceutical Science,

    the methodological group, in which the PhD students shall receive third-degree qualifications, i.e. the academic degree of Doctor of Medical Science in the discipline of medical biology. Additionally, PhD students from the methodological group shall have an opportunity to obtain the academic degree in statistics at Hasselt University, Belgium. Application for participation in the methodological group is available to graduates holding master degree in the following fields: statistics, biostatistics, mathematics, computer science and other fields closely related to the ones mentioned before.

    List of thematic areas as well as the Regulations of Doctoral Studies and other documents pertaining to the Studies are posted in the KNOW website