Uniwersytet Medyczny w Białymstoku. Oferowane kierunki.
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    Oferowane kierunki


    As an Erasmus+ student of Medicine you will be assigned to the English Division studies – these are the Medicine studies we conduct in English.


    The curriculum of English Division - Medical Faculty is available on the website: http://www.umb.edu.pl/en/s,9041/Curriculum

    You can find available Academics and schedules here: https://www.umb.edu.pl/en/s,9016/Academics_and_Schedules

    Once you will be filling out the Learning Agreement please indicate Mrs Edyta Zbroch both as a contact person, and as a person responsible for signing your LA in the Receiving Institution.

    The detailed data is: dr hab. Edyta Zbroch, Institutional Coordinator of Erasmus+ Programme, e-mail: edyta.zbroch@umb.edu.pl, phone no. +48 85 7409 504


    Classes at Medical University of Bialystok are conducted in two semesters:

    Winter semester – 02/10/2023 – 11/02/2024

    Summer semester – 19/02/2024 – 30/06/2024